I was going through my photo’s on my phone, and smiling at all the memories I have had over the last year. And realized how blessed I am to have all the people to share my time with, and all these special moments to remember, the type of quality time that we should be spending our precious time on.

Time is a gift, and so are the blessing that God puts in our lives, and because we have so many blessings, this may be a slightly long post, and it could have been way longer too!

So just sharing with you some of the things that make me happy, that I am truly thankful for, from Really important pleasures, down to the simple pleasure that often pass us by.

Autumn leaves, and the array  of beautiful autumn colors that coat the sidewalk.


Amazing people we meet that have a positive impact on our lives. This community policeman/ Pastor/ Psychologist, is an amazing person, I could have listened to his advice for hours and hours, but every day has to end at some point!

photo 1-1

Making our food into something artistic. I tried my best with this soy sauce, calamansi seeds, and chilli. I don’t think it turned out too bad..

photo 1-2photo 2-2

Beautiful,colorful flowers. They are enough to brighten a dull day.


photo 2-3

A sweet treat, over an inspiring book.

photo 2-4

photo 3-4

photo 2-12

Quality time with people we love.

photo 1-3

A walk in a beautiful park.

photo 2-10

Or a hike in the mountains surrounded by trees. Time to breath in the fresh air!

photo 1-6

Randomly capturing a pretty cool, artistic photo.

photo 1-4

Night lights and culture in a very cool city.

photo 1-8

Christmas time, and all the lights and decorations that appear.

photo 1-9

The way the sun feels on your face, no matter where you are.

photo 3-5

Finding good, yummy food that’s healthy too.


Finding entertainment in the simple things that cost nothing.

photo 2-9

Acting silly just because, and enjoying it. Your never too old!


Eating out. Good food, with people you enjoy spending your time with and talking to.

photo 4-1

A yummy sweet treat, just at the right time.

photo 2-15

Watching children entertain themselves effortlessly, and enjoy it too.

photo 3-3

Watching people laugh and feel good. Especially when you care about them.

photo 2-5

Playing the piano, especially a piano as beautiful as this.

photo 2-7

Seeing what human hands are capable of.

photo 1-16 photo 2-21 photo 31

Clouds and the beautiful shapes they make. If you looks closely there is a little girl sitting in the sky on the first photo.

photo 2-8

photo 1-7

Quality time with really good friends.

photo 1-12

photo 5

And a beautiful sunset, no matter where I am, it makes my day!