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How to Attract One Man

Jul 13th, 2014 Relationships Yasmin Perucchetti 9 min read

I was quite overwhelmed with the response I got from my article Dating a 100% Filipino Guy. Thank you to everyone who read and shared it. Another funny question I’ve gotten is “How did you get David to enter a relationship?” (Apparently David has a reputation as a ‘forever single’ guy – so people thought.) I found this funny because I didn’t really try anything…


Dating A 100% Filipino Guy

Jun 4th, 2014 Relationships Yasmin Perucchetti 5 min read

Life has been rather colorful the past few months for me, and as some of you may know, some of the most colorful parts have come with dating David Bonifacio. The dating life is definitely different from the single one, and dating David makes it even more challenging… err… interesting. (I need to be careful. He reads every post – and has something to say…