Not a lot of my friends know that  I writ and comp poetry and music. And I thought this Valentines Day would be a perfect time to share one of them with you.

Hope you all have a wonderful evening, shared with the people you dearly love, be it a partner, family or friends.

There’s no limits to love and what it can achieve. And what would life be like without it?

 Sit beside the moon

I came to sit beside the moon
I prayed that I would see you soon
I want to feel you close to me
I need you now, don’t you see

Another day’s ending
I wanna stop pretending
Each day that passes by
I try and try and I try

I heard you calling out to me
You said my name so sweetly
You made me feel nice and warm
You healed my heart when it was torn

Another days ending
And your already mending
All that I asked of you
I do and I do love you

Staring into the moon lit sky
I think how time will pass by
Will I be all I’m meant to be
I hope your there to make me see

Don’t let me go
Don’t say you ever ever leave me
I want you here with me always
I love you, I do, I do…