Last Saturday I went to Pico De Loro with my colleagues from work. I have heard of Pico De Loro before, but never really new it would be as nice as it was when I got there. What a pleasant surprise!


Our trip started with everyone meeting up at the office at 5am to have some breakfast and get on the bus. The ride went without incident until we got a flat! The bus had to leave us at a gas station while the driver took it to the nearest vulcanizing shop.


So we waited…




A little more than an hour later we were back on the bus and on our way with a new tire.


When we arrived at Pico De Loro we quickly changed into casual wear for the team building activities the organizers had prepared.



The beach was really beautiful..


After our activities were over we got the shuttle to the location where our lunch was set out for us. The grounds at Pico are quite big, so you need a shuttle to get around the place.

A yummy buffet lunch was set up just for us, and it was really good!


I was pleasantly surprised to find an amazing batch of cookies. I could have eaten so many of them. I don’t know where they came from but they were some of the yummiest cookies I’ve ever eaten. (Or maybe I was just really hungry from all the activities!) It’s a good thing I was able to stop myself with the thought of having to wear a swimsuit to enjoy the water! Thank God for the beach!



After lunch i couldn’t help notice a happy yet slightly wounded looking friend. When I asked what was wrong, it all became very clear, and what a shock it was too!



Can you believe these huge blisters were a result of stepping on the sand for a few seconds only? I was wearing flip flops the whole time, and even some stray sand that landed on my feet as I walked, I noticed was extremely hot, but never would have imagined it would do this!



After lunch, we checked into our rooms which were nice and clean. Most of the people took naps and rested on the comfortable beds.



The view from our balcony was pretty peaceful too…



I decided to go for a swim with some of the others in one of the extremely huge pools they have there…



And lastly, off to the spa for one of the best massages I have ever had. Wish I could return just to have one of these amazing massages again!



Then before dinner the sun was about to set, and the view of the sun setting behind the beach was awesome.


And that concluded my stay at Pico De Loro with my colleagues from work, and I thank God for another relaxing stay in one of many beautiful places the Philippines has to offer.