Jul 1st, 2016 Uncategorized Yasmin Perucchetti 10 min read

It’s been nearly two months now that David and I have been living together, and there’s definitely been some adjustments for both of us. I guess it’s normal to assume that two people who love each other deeply living in a small space together would make for a ‘windy sail’ but boy have we hit some storms already! No journey is smooth all the time…

David and Yas – My Story

May 18th, 2016 Uncategorized Yasmin Perucchetti 10 min read

How We Met Meeting David was an unexpected event, I guess like anything in life it kind of just popped up on me with no warning and little understanding of why at the time. We were already friends through mutual church friends and one day I was posting photos on Facebook of my famous artist father ‘Mauro Perucchetti’s’ artwork, and he was asking me about…

Power Leaders!

Apr 18th, 2016 Uncategorized Yasmin Perucchetti 9 min read

With the elections coming up I’ve been thinking a lot about leadership and what are the characteristics of a good leader. I used to think the role of leadership was saved for positions of status only, such as a Mayor or President, or even the president of a large firm. It’s only the last several years that I realize the importance of leadership in my…

Fight For Love

Jan 18th, 2016 Uncategorized Yasmin Perucchetti 3 min read

I once wrote a (3 part) article about how to fight with your boyfriend, and I shared what I learned about fighting properly with someone you love: “To fight properly simply means to fight in a way that brings you closer to what’s most important instead of further away because of pride and hurt. To win after all means to end up with something better….