The Walled City

Feb 21st, 2014 Travel Yasmin Perucchetti 4 min read

I had lunch today at a restaurant called The Bayleaf in Intramuros, which in Latin is “within the walls”. It is the oldest district and historic core of Manila, also called the Walled City. The food at The Bayleaf was pretty good, you can have yourself a lunch buffet for 680 Pesos. This was a rare occasion for me of course, as I’ve had to…

Forever Yours

Feb 17th, 2014 Poetry Yasmin Perucchetti 2 min read

It was there for all to see Beating bright and bold My friends loved and cared for it Others made it cold They’d chew a piece then spit it out Not caring much about it Then my friends would pick the pieces up And fix it bit by bit The others never stopped trying To tear it all apart Then each time I’m back to…


“Sit Beside the Moon” this Valentines

Feb 14th, 2014 Poetry Yasmin Perucchetti 2 min read

Not a lot of my friends know that  I writ and comp poetry and music. And I thought this Valentines Day would be a perfect time to share one of them with you. Hope you all have a wonderful evening, shared with the people you dearly love, be it a partner, family or friends. There’s no limits to love and what it can achieve. And…



Feb 11th, 2014 Travel Yasmin Perucchetti 1 min read

I’ve been in the Philippines for a while – 9 years in fact. I’m always asked where I’m from and why I’m here. To answer the first question, while I’m mostly British and have my closest relatives in London (particularly my mom’s side of the family), I have other nationalities mixed in including Italian from my dad, which explains my last name which people often…