I Love You

Mar 20th, 2014 Uncategorized Yasmin Perucchetti 3 min read

I have just been sitting here pondering on a thought… As you can see here on my blog, my last post was about my “Artist father’. Well as proud as I am of him being a very talented man and along with his wife, who also happens to be his perfect business partner and team mate, he has achieved great accomplishments with his career in…

Mauro Perucchetti (An artist in a modern world)

Mar 19th, 2014 Uncategorized Yasmin Perucchetti 3 min read

Feeding the 5000. The bust of Barack Obama on top of a giant American Pez sweet dispenser   For anyone who is a true follower of art, you may have heard of Mauro Peruchetti, who is a talented artist, and also my father (in case you were wondering about the surname). Mauro brings together elements of Conceptual Art, Minimalism and Pop Art in his elegantly…

Pink Berry

Mar 17th, 2014 Uncategorized Yasmin Perucchetti 2 min read

It’s tart, it’s cold The flavors bold It melts in your mouth Colorful toppings After your shopping The perfect end to the day Since the craze started a while back, there are now several Frozen Yogurt places around Manila.  Tutti Frutti, Red Mango, Golden Spoon, BTIC, and the slightly newer Pink Berry, which has become my favorite with Red Mango in a close second place….

Salad days

Mar 14th, 2014 Uncategorized Yasmin Perucchetti 2 min read

  For those of you that don’t know me, i love to cook, and i love to eat even more! Although i have a pretty weak spot for cakes and other desserts, i also love healthy food, and one of my favorite things to make is a Salad. What’s great about salads, is that you can add what ever you want to it, and change…