I love soy products. Soy milk, Tofu, Taho, you name it, I will eat it! (David likes to joke I would do the same for things other than tofu.)

While I don’t think anything beats street Taho, I really enjoy going to Mr. Bean in Eastwood for my safe-Taho fix. I remember the owner explaining to me just how bad some of the ingredients mixed into street Taho is – like plaster of Paris! She went on to tell me that everything here is shipped from Singapore and has higher quality standards.

There’s something comforting about warm taho which makes me feel so satisfied after. It’s filling and satisfies my sweet tooth, but doesn’t overdo it.
To make it extra memorable for me, December 11, 2013, on the very first date David and I went on, after dinner at Sugi and drinks at Stockton Place with friends, we still wanted to hangout and we ended up in Mr. Bean because it’s open til late. Needless to say that first date went really well since we’ve been going out since. It’s also a nice reminder that experiences don’t have to be expensive to be memorable. While I enjoyed the food in Sugi and the drinks at Stockton Row were delicious, I had just as fun a time in Mr. Bean. It’s really the company that makes things extra beautiful.

I’ve tried a bunch of things at Mr. Bean from soy shakes, to soy ice cream, to regular taho, to special taho which has rice peanut and black sesame balls inside, to soy Japanese pancakes.

Here is the menu below…

Mr Bean 7

Then there are several sizes to choose from…

Mr Bean

And yummy pancakes! My favorite is the Kaya, which has a really good coconut filling..

Mr Bean 1

The savory options are more resent, I have not yet tried them, but i’m sure they are good, for those of you who don’t like sweets so much.

Mr Bean 2

This chilled Taho is their most sellable product, I guess that’s because it’s ready made and quick to buy, and easy to eat.

Mr Bean 3

And we know, that their beans are healthy and good for us.

Mr Bean 5

Here are some of the benefits…

Mr Bean 4

I ordered the Special Taho, which has the rice balls inside, and I’m really sorry I couldn’t have shared this with you earlier, but I just could not wait, so here is my nearly empty bowl of Taho…

Mr Bean 9

And lastly, a thought to leave you with…

Mr Bean 6

Budget:P80.00 (nice and cheap)
Check them out on Facebook.

Where: I got mine at Eastwood Mall. We also get a from the basement of Power Plant mall quite often.


“Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see.”
― C.S. Lewis