Lately I’ve been a little crazy about hot chocolate. I ordered a hot chocolate once about a month ago and since then I can’t stop! I grew up on the powdered stuff with milk which is pretty good, but once tasting the real, thick and creamy chocolate drinks, I am converted. As well as hooked!

I’m sharing most of what I tried for comparisons sake starting with my favorite!

Wildflour Cafe
Did it look like the picture on the menu: No photo on menu
Did it live up to the hype: Definitely
Would i recommend it: YES YES YES!!!!
Rating 1-10: 10 ½ (Is that possible?)
Presentation: Who cares, it’s SOOOO GOOOD!
Atmosphere: Fun and chill
Location: BGC



This has to be my number 1. This thick, creamy and rather heavenly tasting hazelnut hot chocolate is dreamy. It most definitely has heavy cream in it, so watch out for calories, and it’s so rich that you could happily share this with your date for dessert, but if you have this on an empty stomach I guarantee it will be hard to share! It’s so thick that you can eat it like a dessert with a spoon and it lasts longer this way too, hehe bonus! Dare I say I ate this with the Salted caramel chocolate cake? Chocolate heaven.. Yum yum yum, and a must try.

La Creperie
Did it look like the picture on the menu: Yes, or perhaps better!
Did it live up to the hype: Yes! I will be talking about this for a long time
Would i recommend it: Most definitely!
Rating 1-10: 10
Presentation: as close to perfection as you get
Atmosphere: Relaxed, cozy
Location: Makati





I posted more photos for this restaurant as I had to take you through the whole experience, and that’s what I loved about this, it was a really great experience. As you can see in the photos, you get quite a lot for your money, so this is best to share for two people, then you can add cream and chocolate pieces as you like. I chose Angelina’s hot chocolate which they recommended, and it was so thick, creamy and delicious that my description I don’t think will do it the justice it deserves. I was interested to see on the menu that they have a Spanish Style bitter sweet extra thick version, and I was wondering how it could get much thicker than this. I didn’t find this too sweet, it was just right, although I would be interested to try the bittersweet version next time. I would highly recommend going here as this was truly delicious, and went perfectly with my savory buckwheat, gluten free crepe.

Mary Grace
Did it look like the picture on the menu: Yes, they didn’t trick me
Did it live up to the hype: Definitely
Would I recommend it: YES!! I have lots of times already
Rating 1-10: 10
Presentation: Very nice. Mary Grace is good at this
Atmosphere: So homely and relaxed
Location: Eastwood Mall (but they have many)



This is another favourite of mine. It’s like they pretty much melted chocolate straight into a cup to drink. I think they probably do this, and add a little milk or cream? Not sure, but whatever they do works! I have had this hot chocolate many times, and sometimes have to stop myself from going there too many days in a row. I feel at home at Mary Grace because of the unique but homely interior, and would say the Greenbelt 3 branch is one of my favourite branches. I often have this with a slice of fruit cake which I also enjoy eating a little too often. May I argue that dark chocolate, fruit and nuts are all healthy?

Did it look like the picture on the menu: there was no photo on the menu. I don’t know where the modesty comes from in this case
Did it live up to the hype: Yes! David recommended it and I can see why
Would I recommend it: Yes
Rating 1-10: 10
Presentation: 9
Location: BGC, Serendra



I had dinner with David at Centro a few nights ago. The menu is quite interesting in general, and the food is really tasty and affordable. Their hot chocolate surprisingly was cheaper than the other options and one of the best. This thick chocolate drink seemed to have the least amount of sugar. It didn’t taste like it had cream in it, so the creaminess was really reliant on the quality of the chocolate which was very good. I scooped this thick chocolate drink up spoon by spoon until it was all gone and was left scraping the cup for the last drops. Can’t wait to go back for more.. Yum yum!

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Did it look like the picture on the menu: No photo for this drink
Did it live up to the hype: Yes
Would I recommend it: Yes, and have
Rating 1-10: 9 1/2
Presentation: Great!
Atmosphere: Homely, chill
Location: BGC (But they have many)



I gave this a 9 1/2 simply as it is not one of the thick melted chocolate type hot chocolates in my first reviews, but for a powdered hot chocolate this is my favorite by far. It reminds me of a cold day by the ski slopes back in the day when I lived near to the snow and went skiing often. The powdered dark chocolate CBTL uses in this drink is really creamy and makes a yummy drink, and I love the fact that it’s just sweet enough, but not too sweet. I find the Starbucks hot chocolate which uses chocolate syrup, too sweet especially if I add soy milk (which my lactose intolerant stomach prefers), as Starbucks uses sweetened soy milk where as Coffee Bean uses unsweetened. Try them and tell me what you think!

Did it look like the picture on the menu: There was no photo
Did it live up to the hype: Never heard of this resto before
Would I recommend it: Maybe
Rating 1-10: 6
Presentation: Simple
Atmosphere: Warm and inviting
Location: Megamall




I was out with my friends in Megamall on a dinner/movie date, and once we were done with our dinner and movie, it was time for dessert. We stumbled across this restaurant which lured us in with all the chocolate (they have plenty of chocolate on display). Of course I had to try the hot chocolate to see if it tasted as good as this place suggested. The interior and photos made everything look very promising indeed. As you can see in the photo, they get their hot chocolate drink from this carton of melted chocolate mix, and just a little disappointingly, it tasted like it came from a carton. It was a little too sweet, and somehow lacked that fresh chocolate taste, however it wasn’t a complete disappointment, as It did satisfy that sweet craving of mine. The churros my friend ordered was not great as all I could taste was the oil it was cooked in. I have only been here once, and perhaps it was an off day, I think I’d like to try it again sometime. I definitely like the atmosphere here and they have some great food choices on the menu too.

Early Bird Breakfast Club
Did it look like the picture on the menu: There was no photo
Did it live up to the hype: Not heard much about it
Would I recommend it: Maybe
Rating 1-10: 6
Presentation: 8
Location: Eastwood, but there are many locations



By far this is the sweetest hot chocolate I tried. I chose the babycino which is a mini version of the Nutella hot chocolate and at a third of the price. For all you Nutella fans, this is a good choice, it’s also a more milky option with a little too much sugar if you ask me, but for those craving a super sweet fix then you will probably enjoy this. It’s not my first choice or favorite of the bunch, but I wouldn’t mind having it again, and perhaps asking if they can make it a little less sweet. It’s nice to have a hot chocolate with that Nutella taste so it’s worth a try if you visit this restaurant and I love the food here.

Toast Box
Did it look like the picture on the menu: No photo
Did it live up to the hype: Not heard any
Would I recommend it: Not sure
Rating 1-10: 5
Presentation: Just ok
Atmosphere: Pleasant
Location: BGC (But they have many)



Alright, I am now re-writing my review for this hot chocolate. When I first tried this I was pleasantly surprised. Although on the sweet side from their use of condensed milk, I really enjoyed it. On my second trip here and time for my photo opp. I was really disappointed. When my hot chocolate arrived it was topped with many oil bubbles and did not look appetizing at all, so the presentation immediately put me off. Because I enjoyed it so much the first time I decided to try it anyway, and although it was not bad, it was not great either. It was not as thick as the first time, and just didn’t quite taste the same. I really don’t know what happened here and i’m sad to have to change my original review, but unfortunately this was my experience. I did ask the waitress and she mentioned the bubbles were from the condensed milk, but It was not like this the first time. From 8/10 down to 5..

Pancake House
Did it look like the picture on the menu: no it looks more watery in reality
Did it live up to the hype: haven’t heard any hype
Would I recommend it: no
Rating 1-10: 3
Presentation: 3
Location: BGC (But they have many)



The title of this drink, ‘Beligian hot chocolate’ excited me. I love chocolate and I looove Belgian hot chocolate. When it arrived I was disappointed as it looked more watery in reality than in the picture and unfortunately when I tasted it, it tasted just the way it looked. It tasted just like hot cocoa mixed with hot water. Dare I say it tasted like a diet hot chocolate? haha. But maybe that’s a good thing for some. Although I like the food at pancake house and eat there quite a lot, I sadly felt like my money was wasted on this drink. It was far too expensive for what I got. Maybe by this stage I had been spoilt by the other drinks, but I still expected more… Oh well, you win some and you lose some.

I hope you enjoy getting your chocolate fix with these delicious drinks, and look forward to some feedback. I’m ready to go back for more!! Enjoy!