Some of the best things about the Philippines are the many beautiful beaches within reach. I was able to visit one of them last week when I spent some time with David’s family in Anaya Cove, Subic. It was a break I had been looking forward to and I really enjoyed the fresh air, beautiful scenery, interesting chats, the sports (David and his brothers are really competitive) and other fun activities, and then of course the food.


With Ms. Marie and Carla

The place we stayed in had its own private pool so that was a treat.


In the mornings, the ladies, Ms. Marie, Carla, and Kristie (David’s mom and sisters-in-law), would go to the pool for some Aqua Zumba. Here’s a video they made talking about it:

The pool was especially useful because there was a jelly fish warning at the beach and I hate jelly fish!


I was also a little saddened by the amount of trash that washed up against the shore line, so other than taking walks and playing frisbee, I didn’t spend too much time in the beach.

Of course there were other things to do like ping-pong and billiards. I played a lot of billiards when I was younger so am quite good at it, so it was a lot of fun to play again. David and I took a golf cart and drove around before playing tennis on their newly installed turf.

David in his element

Food is an important part of every vacation, and this trip was no exception thanks to our lovely host.

A couple of our meals I found really fun as well as tasty, as we had a make your own pizza night, and also got to assemble our own burgers just the way we like them. I think it’s such a great idea to eat this way, as it makes eating more fun, plus you get to eat your food exactly the way you like it.

Below is a very cute list of ingredients, accompanied with instructions of how to make our own perfect pizza written by David’s mum.






I unfortunately didn’t get a photo of the cooked pizza until it was half eaten and already a little cold, but here it is…


Of course there was bangs (milkfish)! It’s a Filipino staple and David’s favorite!


Make your own burgers!




And my giant burger..


Homemade cookies for dessert!

Great company, great place, great food, and an amazing sky to end each day. While swimming in the pool one afternoon, I told David, “Do you see all the shiny things in the sea? Go watch. It’s overwhelming. You should see this.” So we stayed there in the infinity pool watching the natural light show God was displaying for us.


I can’t wait for more opportunities like this to visit some more beautiful places the Philippines has to offer, and hopefully, more amazing food!