To start of, I just want to be clear: It’s Beau-Talks, not Botox. It was a beauty talk about all sorts of treatments (including Botox, which I have not tried), and a place to get our questions answered by an expert who’s been in the industry for 25+ years as a dermatologist, and I’m always interested to learn more about anything to do with health and beauty. I heard about this talk in one of the many Viber groups I now find myself in. This one in particular connects different people who work and live in BGC (Bonifacio Global City).  It’s amazing how connected we are because of technology. I find this very useful for finding things for the home, asking questions about the baby, and learning about interesting things to do.

Back to BeauTalks…

The free event was held in their shop at Dr. CRB, which is at The Trade and Financial Tower on the corner of 7th avenue and 32nd street in BGC. I was very pleasantly surprised to find they were serving food! I love food! I came to ask questions about my skin and got to eat at the same time! The hospitality was warm and welcoming from both Dr Che Bernad (AKA Dr. CRB) and her daughter May.

beautalks food

Once we each had a plate of crackers, cheese selections, dates stuffed with walnuts and other delicious snack, we all took turns asking questions we have about beauty and our skin. There is so much information out there and often it’s conflicting information that is not helpful at all, and Doctor Che was very honest in her approach to share what works and what doesn’t. One very interesting treatment they offer is the ‘Hollywood Lift’ which is a very relaxing micro current facial which basically stimulates and exercises the face with electric pulses, putting parts of the face that gravity have been working on a little closer to where they once were. There is no miraculous effect here after just one session, just like exercise it takes time, but regular Hollywood facials are meant to really give you a noticeable difference. There are no lasers involved in this facial and it’s a relaxing 1 1/2 hours of me time. I definitely plan to make time for this facial at some stage soon. How it got the name “Hollywood lift’ is simply because some celebrities such as Jennifer Anniston are said to love it.

Another question someone asked which I hear often is, “Will I have to keep doing these treatments or using this skincare forever?” In my mind I was thinking about the gym and how if we stop going will we our toned bodies go soft? Probably yes! If we stop eating healthy food will we get sick? Likely! I think it’s important to remember that being healthy does take a lot of every day consistency and maintenance, and the same with facials of any kind. They may give us glowing skin for a few days, weeks or months, depending on the type of facial, but it will not last forever unless we keep up with the maintenance. If any doctor were to insist anything will last forever I’d probably question the integrity of their services. Thankfully at Dr CRB, we received honest responses to our questions, and my train of thought in this case was spot on!

beautalks 1

Aside from this Hollywood Lift, they also offer Radio Frequency facials for a slimmer face and skin tightening, and other more basic facials, plus Botox and Fillers and other popular treatments. Dr CRB looked after Miss Philippines, Pia Wurzbach for the month coming up to her beauty competition, and also looks after many other beautiful celebrities who stay beautiful with the help of Dr CRB. I’m not really one to be sold by heresay (what celebrities do and don’t do), but meeting with Dr CRB and her daughter May we had first hand information on what treatments they give that have been successful, and I at least found a friendly place to go for some relaxing me time. I’m also thankful for a giveaway bag of two of their skincare products which I’m excited to try.

beautalks products

So thanks to Dr. CRB for this informative and enjoyable morning. I’m glad I found your spot, slightly hidden on the 16th floor of the Trade and Financial Tower, and am glad to share my experience with others. I even met a beautiful girl that morning who would like to go back and have a facial with me which should be fun!

For anyone interested, they will have many more of these events in the following weeks/months if anyone is interested to find out more about skin solutions, maintenance, or even just pampering, you can get in touch with May at Dr CRB to inquire.