Last Holy Week I took a road trip with David to stay with friends in Tagaytay Highlands.

Anyone who has seen Tagaytay Highlands will know how beautiful it is there. The steep winding roads filled with pine trees are truly picturesque.

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Upon entering our friend Roxanne’s log cabin, we arrived to see her and our other friend, Ipe, cooking a delicious breakfast. We had left Manila at 5am so arrived quite early. On the menu that morning was perfectly cooked French Toast topped with berries and icing sugar, with a side of fresh cream and walnuts. Really delicious, and what a treat to start the day.

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Then it was off for a run up and down the steep winding roads. David and I were the only two up for a jog, so off we went up to the club, then after checking out the view and adding a photo op to our time there, we were off again running back to the house, and guess what!? We were in perfect time for lunch!

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By lunch time I realized we were really staying with a couple of master chefs, I mean every meal we ate was literally 5 star restaurant worthy and really delicious. So on the menu for lunch were delicious meatball sandwiches. The Meat literally melted in your mouth, and topped with cheese and a delicious tomato salsa, it was a real treat. Then there was pasta with a spicy tomato and shrimp sauce which was equally delicious. It’s so hard to sit at a table with such good food that you want to keep eating despite being so full! And on the side was an arugula and mango salad to perfectly compliment the other two dishes.

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Then after a nap and some reading and chatting with friends, guess what!? Dinner time! Perfect for someone like me who absolutely loves to eat!

And now comes the masterpiece of the trip. Freshly cooked tomahawk steaks, so perfect and tender again just melting in your mouth, along with many side dishes such as pasta, guacamole, shrimps, smoked salmon, and salad.

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Dinner was a great time for everyone there to catch up, and along with the few guys and girls staying at the house, we were joined by a few more friends too, so with a packed house and great food, there was lots of good quality conversation, a bit of teasing usually targeted at the same people (not to name names), and a quick night time stroll, with the chance to breath in some more well needed fresh air. Then before we knew it, it’s time to sleep.

When we woke up for our last day there, we started with another quick jog. This time we got in even more picture perfect scenery, and getting a little too much sun, I did manage to get a bit burnt, but lesson learned! And back to the house it was for brunch.

What did the master chef’s have in store for this meal?

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Well there was egg and smoked salmon scramble, eggs benedict, a freshly made apricot jam, made by the master chefs themselves, and some sweet brioche topped with cream and berries, soaked in a rum sauce. Yum yum! A few more guests for brunch along with this food made it the perfect end to a beautiful trip. We just had a quick nap after brunch before heading off.

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What a treat this trip was, and more lovely memories made, thanks to a few great people.

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