Genji is a Japanese-Korean fusion restaurant in Makati, Located at Kalayaan corner Makati Ave, which offers an all you can eat sushi and sashimi buffet for around 600 pesos, or an all you can eat buffet which includes everything and anything from the menu for around 1400 pesos.

I love Japanese food, it’s mostly light, healthy and tasty too, so I was really looking forward to getting stuck into the unlimited selection of food and still not getting too stuffed, however that did not go quite as planned as there was an unexpected surprise.

When we started to order our first sushi of choice, the waiter said he would make it but first we had to finish a huge platter of sushi they prepare for us, and this would not have been the sushi I would have personally chosen. Once we were half way through the platter and already feeling a little stuffed from all the rice, they then brought out a sashimi platter that we were likewise supposed to finish before ordering our food.

photo 2-2

This photo shows a mixture of our own personal choice of sushi along with the Sashimi platter we were supposed to finish first.

It’s a quite clever, yet annoying technique to fill you up before you start ordering the ‘expensive stuff’.

Somehow we managed to get away without finishing the whole platters, and slowed the pace down a little so we could still order some of our own choices from the menu.

I ordered a Salmon Salad, and we also ordered a couple of types of fish, as well as the sushi we ordered previously, then that was it, we were stuffed!

photo 1-2

This is the fish that turned out a little dry, but was still quite flavorful.

photo 3-1

This is one dish I quite enjoyed. The Salmon was cooked quite well and very tasty.

The quality of the food is okay, but not great. The fish was a little dry and over cooked, and the sushi was not spectacular by any means, yet it was alright.

I think this is the type of restaurant you go to when you literally want to gorge yourself with food.

We all have those friends that love to eat delicious food, and will spend hours coming up with new a la carte recipes placed beautifully on the plate, being both pleasing to the eye as well as our taste buds. The type of food you want to stare at a while then eat slowly, savoring every mouth full. Then we also all have those friends where quantity is better than quality. They look for deals where they can find the largest portions of food, then they chow each mouthful down with a big gulp, barely chewing the food.

Well I would say this restaurant is best for those that want quantity rather than quality. I’m not at all saying the quality is bad, in fact I enjoyed the food there, it just could have been a bit better, and also if they hadn’t forced us to eat the huge platters first, I would have enjoyed it a lot more too.

This buffet also has unlimited beer, a bonus for those who like to drink.