It was there for all to see
Beating bright and bold
My friends loved and cared for it
Others made it cold
They’d chew a piece then spit it out
Not caring much about it
Then my friends would pick the pieces up
And fix it bit by bit
The others never stopped trying
To tear it all apart
Then each time I’m back to fixing it
Back to the start
One day I woke up ready
To start a brand new day
To start my day more grounded
To tackle life in a different way
The only way to do this
Was to give it all away
To put it in a place
Where forever it could stay
And I found that special place
It was there all the time
A voice spoke and told me
“It was always mine
I just wanted you to see
How much I care for you
And will always look after it
More than anyone could do
In fact I have so many
I take care of every day
Each one is looked after
In its own very special way”
So now it sits there quietly
Yet beating bold and strong
No one can harm it
No one can do it wrong
For it is forever protected
And can never get torn apart
Thank You Lord for mending
And holding onto my heart

Proverbs 4:23
Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.