Eating at Sarsa this particular evening was a last minute decision, and thank God for Spontaneity, it was a great one!

There are quite a few Filipino dishes I like to eat including Sinagang, Adobo, Pinakbet to name a few, and the dishes David and I chose here were all delicious, In fact, I can’t wait to go back.

The food options here pretty much are traditional dishes yet with a slight twist, and plated very well. Portion sizes are good too, so plan to leave feeling full, yet craving more. Or was it just me this restaurant did this too? You tell me.

When you arrive there will most probably be several people waiting, so expect to wait around 30 minutes for a table. The tables move quite fast so hopefully it won’t take too long for you. The Atmosphere is very chill, yet not quietly chill. Big families enjoying food over loud jokes, stories and family photo ops. is what you should expect to see, so be ready for a bit of noise… Not the best place for a romantic date but a great place for a chill, ‘break the ice date’ or a catch up with friends and family.

As you can see here there are a few people on a wait list already..



And now for the best part… Are you ready?

My stomach is growling again just writing this post! obviously I’m a fan…


Lechon Manok Lupmia: 180 Pesos

Tokwa Inasal: 150 Pesos

Pecho: 165 Pesos

Pritchon Pancake: 220 Pesos

Sorry  I couldn’t share even more photo’s with you, but a table of two can only order so much without being called gluttonous.

So if your mouth is already watering from the photo’s of this delicious food, which by the way, along with the mouth watering aroma’s are even more appetizing in person (yes it’s possible), then you may want to rush to Sarsa and give it a go yourself.

See you there!


Location: Unit 1-7 Forum South Global
Federacion Dr Cor 7th Avenue
BGC (Fort Bonifacio), Taguig

Contact: 0927 706-0773