I’ve been in the Philippines for a while – 9 years in fact. I’m always asked where I’m from and why I’m here. To answer the first question, while I’m mostly British and have my closest relatives in London (particularly my mom’s side of the family), I have other nationalities mixed in including Italian from my dad, which explains my last name which people often like to think of as a spaghetti.

The 2nd question is a bit trickier and a longer story. Maybe I’ll write about it but not today. I’m just really happy to be in the Philippines, I love it here and consider it home.

I have always loved to travel although I don’t get to travel as much as I would like, I’ve learned many things along the way, particularly to have a good perspective, to see the world, even just the world already around us, with curiosity and openness.

A good way to explain this is with my fascination with cranes.

What is it about cranes that interest me? I was thinking about this while catching myself taking perhaps my 30th photo of a crane. Well after pondering on this for a while, I think firstly it’s because I love the sky, and to see huge chunks of metal sitting in the skyline just looks cool to me. But more importantly, to think that soneone made those huge cranes, which then help us build these amazingly tall buildings we walk in and out of every day. To think what we are capable of that and when I see a bunch of hardworking people put their efforts together, I’m inspired by what we can do together. There’s a saying “the sky’s the limit”, meaning you can do anything you put your mind to, there is no lid to what someone can achieve. I guess these huge cranes sitting in the sky remind me of that, that there’s so much opportunity out there.

It doesn’t hurt that they make great photos if I may say so myself!