Who says corporate attire must be boring? In a world of formal cuts and serious shades my colleague Farrah stands out with her colorful outfits. I don’t know where she finds them all but I find the different hues to be refreshing in the office. I like her outfits so much I took some photos of her – no, not on a catwalk – but right on the streets of  Metro Manila.

Fashion styles are so different and always changing, keeping things fresh and exciting. Not too long ago, I used to model, and while I’m actually quite a shy person, I enjoyed the different styles I got to try on. It’s amazing how designers come up with new things season after season.

Farrah brings that creativity to the usually ordinary corporate attire. Every day, just from walking past my desk, my moment is brightened up – literally – by her colorful attires. I find myself looking forward to what she’s going to wear next. Somehow she manages to be creative and colorful yet pass the office dress code. We work in a business after all and our attire needs to convey professionalism.   So here is a week in the life of Farah, and her ‘out of the box’ fashion choices with a Q & A to see exactly what gets her ticking..


No Monday blues for Farrah in Green

Checkout the green shoes

Checkout the green shoes


Rusty Orange for her today




Matching a colorful blazer with a dark dress with colorful accessories too!


These are her favorite shoes!


Something red this time


Climbing the corporate ladder in multicolored heels


Friday is no exception to slack on the color either, so bright yellow!


Q&A with Farrah

Have you always dressed this colorfully, and what inspires you to dress this way?
F: Yes. Wearing colorful dresses brightens up my day and gives me that “girly good vibes” feeling.

Do you have an outfit planned the night before, or do you pull something out of the closet in minutes, ready to wear in the morning?
F: Most of the time no outfit the night before , hehehe  I randomly choose what to wear in the morning :)

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
F: I usually wake up at 7:30 am and have everything done on or before 8:30. An hour I guess.

Do you always dress this way, or do you have days where you look as dull as the rest of us?
F: Dressing “my own way” isn’t actually my plan. I could say, having everyday office outfits is normal to me. Though there are indeed days that I dressed up very plain… but very seldom.

When you dress this way, does it make you feel different?
F: It’s pretty much normal for me. Maybe at some point it does where I work, only because most  of the female employees do not dress up the way I do.

Having so many different looks, how long did it take you to collect all these clothes, and where do you usually shop?
F: I just shop randomly. I buy clothes, shoes, and accessories anywhere, for as long as they catch my attention and I have the budget to get them, I buy.

If you could suggest one way to encourage others to be more original and fun when they dress, what would it be?
F: Just be confident. Go for what you want. Experiment. If wearing clothes you really like gives you the high to feel confident and empowered, do so. Some may not like it, others of course may appreciate. But at the end of the day, it is your own style, and the benefit it gives you as a professional working independent woman is what counts.


farah39 smallThanks Farrah!