Its Monday morning and the start of yet another busy work week. We have many deadlines to hit with new stores opening, and I’m off to Cebu for the second time in two weeks to make sure we meet our recruitment needs.

The drive to the airport is usually a time to reflect on where I am doing good at work and other areas that could use a little more attention. Only today, the traffic was so terrible that it was hard to think of anything other than making it to the airport on time, and if I will have time for a cup of coffee. You know.. those important things!?

While anticipating the journey to the airport and feeling a little anxious, questions filled my mind like “will it help me to worry about the traffic? Will I make it on time?” and “Is there anything I could do to help the situation?” My first answer (to myself) was to call the airport to check if the flight might be delayed and what my options would be if I were to miss the flight. When I spoke to an operator, I found out that the flight was In fact not delayed, and that I would lose my ticket entirely if I were to not make it on time. So at least the phone call helped clarify the fact that I was ‘definitely’ in some potential trouble. Informative? Yes. Helpful? Well not really. At least not considering my lack of options. So then what was my next option? Oh yes of course! Pray!! So I prayed to God that he would help me make it to the airport on time.

Well thank God, I did in fact make it in time for my flight, with 30 minutes to spare before boarding, which was just enough time for an egg sandwich and a cappuccino. There’s his Grace for this undeserving individual (that’s me).

Whoa!! Wobbly landing!!! Sorry, but I often think out loud. And don’t worry, we have all just safely arrived in Cebu.

So to get back to my story.. While enjoying my breakfast. I was reminded of my priorities and how I couldn’t help thinking I had things back to front, upside down, or the wrong way around. Which ever way I put it, it was all just wrong. Why did I leave prayer as a last option and allow worry to consume me? I knew a faith check was in order. So my next prayer whilst eating the sandwich and coffee I had been blessed with, was to ask our Lord to fill my every thought. To be reminded of him before anything else.

And then I was overwhelmed with love.

A love that no one in this world could match. A promise so beautiful that there was no more need for concern. I was reminded that in everything we do in life whether it’s work or pleasure, there is always a greater plan ahead for us than what we have planned for ourselves. We have the choice to be so focused on our own plans that we forget to ask God for his, or we can hand each and every one of our plans to him first, so that he can mould, remove, add, tweak, and upgrade our journey to a journey way more amazing than we planned for ourselves.

So what else did I learn? I learned that next time I should give myself at least an extra 30 minutes for my journey to the airport in anticipation of ridiculously heavy traffic. However, next time I will also be leaving my journey up to the Lord.

I am forced to trust the pilot of this Cebu Pacific flight to get each of us onboard this plane there safely, but I do believe he is just the ‘co pilot’, and just like the pilot of this plane, I know My plans mean nothing without God in the pilot seat each and every time.

I’m reminded that a Faith check means not just trusting his journey alone, but ‘checking in’ before each journey. Even if it were simply a journey to the bathroom. I mean, who knows if we would learn something along the way to the bathroom, or have a revelation during those quiet couple of minutes in (almost silence). Sorry for the visuals. Lol.

Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.