Chicken Soup From Scratch

Aug 11th, 2016 Food, Health Yasmin Perucchetti 8 min read

So today I’m blogging about something entirely different to my normal posts. I couldn’t help but share this yummy recipe with you and thought the step by step cooking instructions (with photos) might encourage at least one person to make this healthy meal. It’s not hard, just a little time consuming. Don’t worry you will also be entertained along the way.. So for starters You…

Nurturing Our Natural Beauty and Style

Nov 22nd, 2015 Beauty, Fashion, Food, Health, Inspiration, Travel Yasmin Perucchetti 8 min read

I recently gave myself a project to design a couple of dresses, and it’s been an interesting process. I like trying out new things and exploring different interests. I think it’s important to stay creative and willing to be a rookie at things so that we never stop learning. I found myself gravitating towards florals and materials with different textures and earthy colors which is…


Manila’s Best Hot Chocolate

Feb 17th, 2015 Food Yasmin Perucchetti 14 min read

Lately I’ve been a little crazy about hot chocolate. I ordered a hot chocolate once about a month ago and since then I can’t stop! I grew up on the powdered stuff with milk which is pretty good, but once tasting the real, thick and creamy chocolate drinks, I am converted. As well as hooked! I’m sharing most of what I tried for comparisons sake…


Mother’s Crepe

Oct 22nd, 2014 Food Yasmin Perucchetti 3 min read

Mmmmmm so who is hungry? Mother’s crepe has become one of my favorite places recently. Especially after a (not too heavy meal), when there’s still enough space for a filling dessert. And beware, if you visit this place with me, my usual generous personality may perplex you for a moment, as I don’t share these guys too easy! My favorite is the mango Nutella and…