I Just Had Beautalks…

May 31st, 2018 Beauty, Lifestyle Yasmin Perucchetti 5 min read

To start of, I just want to be clear: It’s Beau-Talks, not Botox. It was a beauty talk about all sorts of treatments (including Botox, which I have not tried), and a place to get our questions answered by an expert who’s been in the industry for 25+ years as a dermatologist, and I’m always interested to learn more about anything to do with health…

Nurturing Our Natural Beauty and Style

Nov 22nd, 2015 Beauty, Fashion, Food, Health, Inspiration, Travel Yasmin Perucchetti 8 min read

I recently gave myself a project to design a couple of dresses, and it’s been an interesting process. I like trying out new things and exploring different interests. I think it’s important to stay creative and willing to be a rookie at things so that we never stop learning. I found myself gravitating towards florals and materials with different textures and earthy colors which is…


Beauty Pick: Flawless by Benefit

Nov 1st, 2014 Beauty Yasmin Perucchetti 4 min read

I don’t wear a lot of makeup but I do have my favorites and like to try different looks. While technology attempts to make it more convenient for us women (I recently found this app that let’s me take a photo and try on different hairstyles and makeup), it’s more fun to walk into a store, and makeup shops are usually prettily done, and I…


Audrey Hepburn on Beauty

Jun 10th, 2014 Beauty Yasmin Perucchetti 1 min read

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone. – Audrey Hepburn