It’s actually quite a funny thing for me to be blogging about fashion as i’m a very simple dresser and I don’t give my outfits much time. Getting showered, dressed, and ready to go in just 20 minutes is quite normal for me. Fashion has always been about looking presentable while remaining as comfortable as possible, which is why I usually pick out the more casual items. Recently however, I’ve started thinking how to look a little more elegant while still maintaining that comfort, since I have had quite a few evening events and weddings to go to.

Last weekend however, was a usual lazy Sunday. It started with church, followed by a heavy lunch. I don’t seem to know how to stop eating at the ‘satisfied’ mark, and keep on going until I am completely stuffed. I think I just eat too fast, and don’t give my brain a chance to recognize that I’m already full.

That being said, my Jag jeans are the best for days like this, as they are nice and stretchy, leaving plenty of room for the ‘expanding stomach’ during meals. They are also a great fit! I bought these at SM Megamall for under 1000 pesos. I used to have to splash out on jeans, as the nice fitting ones were always expensive, but more recently I have been surprised with good fitting jeans for less. Uni Qlo and Cotton On have great fitting trousers too.

The top I matched with my jeans, I found on sale at Promod. I love this shop and I know it’s not as cheap as my usual shopping at the Landmark or SM, but after passing by the sale and seeing this for 50% off, I couldn’t resist. It was the last one left, so I guess i’m not the only person with style (or so she thinks). It was originally priced at around 3000 pesos, and I bought it for a (not too bad) 1,500. I love how this top is casual yet the heart design adds that little bit of elegance. Just my style.

I then brightened up my simple toned outfit with my Tory Burch bag which is obviously not cheap, but was a Christmas gift so I’m not complaining.. I like how a bright bag can instantly pick up dull tones, and a little red lipstick and a little blush to match, while also disguising the vampire in me.

As for my glasses… I have had people telling me to take them off on several occasions as they say I look better without them, but sorry for not caring about that too much at this time in my life, as firstly, it’s great to be able to see the features on your faces, and secondly, i’m not ready to stick things (contacts) in my eyes. Some day soon perhaps, just not now.

Lastly, I bought my shoes at a shop in SM Aura ‘Call it Spring’. They were also on sale at 50% off, priced at just 1000 pesos. Not bad! This is one of the few shops where I can find shoes in my size. That’s a size 7 UK or a local 9 or 10, i’m really not sure why the sizes here vary so much. Any ideas?


And there we have it. A casual lazy Sunday, one of my favorite days of the week!

Exodus 12:16 ESV

16 On the first day you shall hold a holy assembly, and on the seventh day a holy assembly. No work shall be done on those days. But what everyone needs to eat, that alone may be prepared by you.