I had a lovely dinner for 4 at Sugi, (Japanese resto in Greenbelt 3) a few days back, and after a huge amount of Sushi and prawn tempura, and with very full stomachs we all decided to ‘guess what?’ Yes you guessed it… Eat again!

Well you gotta finish off a sumptuous dinner with a hearty dessert right!?
So off to Cafe Breton it was.

I don’t think i need to explain much about what cafe Breton is, as I’m sure most of you already know, but for those who may not yet of tried it, Cafe Breton has some of the best comfort food. Having some delicious choices of Savory and sweet crepes to choose from.

Thin crepes stuffed with mushrooms and cheese, or stuffed with mangoes and topped with Nutella and ice cream for those with a sweet tooth, well the list goes on, and as much as i don’t want to get you salivating when you are likely not near a Cafe Breton right now, i think the photo may do that anyway. Sorry! But you can always plan a trip there soon, now that I’m sure these tasty crepes will be taking over most of the space in your mind, until you get your fix!

I like the texture of the crepes, being thin and slightly chewy, and also how you can choose from different types of flour, having a healthier option for those health buffs.

I think the photo will explain the rest, so i won’t go on, and wish you all very happy eating on you next trip to Cafe Breton.