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This day was a quick trip to Megamall…

Dressed in my office attire and walking under the hot Manila sun, the 5 minute walk felt a little more like 15, but was enjoyable all the same. It’s just nice to get out of the office and have a little exercise, midday.

Listening to my stomach very loudly calling out to me, I heard the words ‘El Pollo Loco’, and very obediently obeyed.

So I walked promptly over to the ground level of building A in Megamall, and this mall really is mega, especially when you’re hungry.

As usual I got the two pieces of chicken (deliciously juicy chicken at that), with two sidings and a tortilla. My sidings, I usually double up on the beans they have, as they are super sarap, and healthy too. Then I get the spicy salsa with it, which isn’t actually very spicy at all.

This dish was just what my stomach asked for, and I was more than satisfied after. I love how the chicken is not fried, yet the skin is still perfectly crispy, and the chicken tender and juicy.

So craving complete, and a happy tummy till, ummm… Snack time!

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