When you have to take more than two showers a day, because simply getting dressed works up a sweat.

When you sleep without a blanket.

When the idea of jumping into a pool suddenly sounds way more appealing than usual.

When entering an air conditioned room feels like a life saver ‘literally’.

For the girls: When your makeup magically vanishes a few minutes after applying it.

For the guys: When you have to carry a towel around with you, even for that short walk to buy your lunch.

When peoples choice in outfits suddenly get much more colorful.

When the idea of a walk in the park sounds like a great idea.

When you’re daydreaming way more of the beach.

When you have a cold shower to cool you down, yet the water still feels warm when it hits your body.

When every seems just that bit happier.

When you crave those Iced treats more often, to lower that body temperature just a little.

And finally, for that Icy treat I mentioned. One of my suggestions which I really enjoyed yesterday was The Mango Farm.


They have many options to choose from of yummy shakes, or simply shaved iced mixed with milk and a little syrup (I always get half syrup so it’s not too sweet), and topped with fresh Mango. They also have other topper options, such as Almond jelly and tapioca to name a couple.

photo 4-2

This really is a perfect summer treat :)